Seek Together

Sometimes–often, in fact–seeking God stirs questions, which is a great thing, really. Questions are God’s way of making us think. About life. About purpose. About eternity. About things that matter.

Seeking the answers to your questions and sharing the insights you’ve discovered is what this page is all about. If you have a question you want to ask or an insight you’ve gained, jump into the conversation by commenting below. I may not know the answer to some of your toughest issues, but if I don’t, I promise to find someone who does.

I can’t wait to seek God with you!


  1. kristin crapo

    I am LOVING your new book and can’t wait to share it with everybody I know (even those I don’t know)! I dislike Facebook almost as much as the Bachelorette but I am actually going to sign on because I feel that strongly about sharing this wonderful resource!!

  2. Lori

    Reading this book is like sitting in a coffee shop with your most admired and respected girlfriend, talking about the most important topic in life: God. I read this book and loved it and then put it front and center on my book shelf where I reach for it time and time again. Seek is my go-to whenever I need practical input on topics like prayer, reading the Bible and what it means to have a relationship with God. Whether you are just beginning to seek God or whether you have known Him for years, this friendly read will encourage and inspire you to know Him in personal way that makes a difference in your everyday life.

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