Seek Meeting God Bible Study Week 1

Week One


Good Morning Sweet Friend!

Today’s the day we begin our online Bible study…yippee! I’ve recorded a short video for you (since I want this to be a personal experience, even though it’s online). Nothing fancy because being friends (which I hope you’ll now consider us to be) is never about fancy but about being real. So the video is shot from my home by me sent with love directly to your home and you.

But before you dive in you’ll need to know the details for this week:

1. Make sure you have a copy of SEEK and a Bible. If you don’t have a Bible yet I recommend purchasing a Life Application Bible (because it has great footnotes that explain hard to understand scriptures) in either the NIV (New International Version) or NLT (New Living Version) version.

For everyone: You can always look up scripture passages at The direct link to look up a Bible verse is   I prefer to look up Bible verses in my Bible so I become familiar with where passage are and I see the verse for myself in black and white, BUT if you’re pressed for time, Bible Gateway is a lifesaver!

To look up a passage of scripture remember that Bible verses are listed by the book of the Bible, then the chapter and then the verse. So, John 3:16 is found in the book of John, the third chapter, the 16th verse. Make sense?? If you need a list of the books of the Bible in order, you’ll find a list in the back of SEEK or just use the table of contents in your Bible. And don’t worry…it takes everyone a little time to look up Bible verses when we’re just starting out. You’re normal.

2. This week we’ll be reading the Introduction, Chapter One and Chapter Two

Each chapter take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to read; the intro, maybe 5-10 minutes.


3. Complete the Bible study lessons found at the end of Chapter One and Chapter Two.

The Bible study after chapter one is short and encompasses only one passage of scripture, John 1:29-51, so you’ll be able to answer the questions in about 30 minutes (probably less). The Bible study after chapter two is a little longer so allow yourself plenty of time, or see the shortened version at the end of this email.

Whenever I do any Bible study I like to set it up as a treat for myself. So, grab your favorite drink, find a comfy spot and give yourself permission to just breathe. I’ve been known to work on Bible studies on my patio, at the beach, on a work break, at Starbucks, snuggled in my bed late at night, or when my kids were young, at a fast food restaurant while they played in the Playland. I’ve even done Bible studies waiting in carpool lines and soccer fields. Get creative and make it fun!

4. Submit any questions or comments about your reading or Bible study on the Seek- A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God Facebook page (


Ok…those are all the details for this week. Enjoy the video as you seek God!


Bible Study Questions for Chapter Two: Shortened Version

(These questions are found on pages 53-58 of SEEK)

1. Verses about the existence of God (page 53 & 54)

a. Acts 17:24-25

b. Hebrews 11:6

2. Some religious say that there are many gods. What does God have to say about this notion? (page 55)

a. Isaiah 44:6

3. People worship many “gods”. According to the following verses, what types of “gods” do we substitute for the one, true God? (page 55)

a. I find all of these verses interesting, and think you will, too. But if you’re pressed for time, look up Deuteronomy 4:19 and Revelation 3:17.

4. How does God fill the deepest longings of our soul? (page 56)

a. Psalm 23

5. What do the following verses reveal about God’s character? (pages 56-58)

a. Psalm 90:2

b. Psalm 106:1

c. Psalm 145: 8 and 18 (I added 8 because I think it’s a good one)

d. 1 John 4:16