Do you have questions about God, but aren’t quite sure who to ask?

Have you ever considered joining a small group or Bible study but felt like you didn’t know enough to participate?

Ever sat in church and felt confused or bored by the sermon?

Ever thought about reading the Bible, but weren’t sure where to begin?

Ever doubted your faith, or wished you had answers for a seeking friend, or told yourself that someday you’d get around to really understanding the Bible?

You aren’t alone.

Welcome seeking friend! I’m so glad you are here. We aren’t so different, you and me. All of us have questions about God and we want them answered in a way that makes sense. And makes a difference.

Recently I told an acquaintance about a Bible study I was asked to teach several years ago. The concept was unique—this would be a study designed for the gal who had never opened a Bible in her life. Or if she had, it hadn’t made sense. Frankly, the first year we wondered if anyone would come. They did. The second year the number grew to 75 gals, then 150, and eventually nearly 300 women crammed shoulder to shoulder to be a part of this unique Bible study. “How did you advertise?” my new acquaintance wanted to know.

I laughed.

We didn’t advertise. We didn’t have to. Women just told their friends about a great place where you could relax, be yourself, examine the Bible, and ask questions without being made to feel stupid.

That’s how SEEK became a book.

SEEK was written for one reason: I believe that every woman should be able to meet God if she wants to.

Even if she didn’t grow up in the church.

Or if she did.

Even if her life’s a mess.

Or if her life’s going as planned.

Even if she’s got toddlers underfoot, or a PhD in her resume, or bills piling her kitchen counter, or wrinkles lining her face, or a lifetime of hopes and dreams still ahead.

Even you.

Especially you.

Between the pages of SEEK you’ll find:

  • Clear explanations of the Christian essentials, written in a warm, conversational style.
  • What it means to have faith and how you get it.
  • Explanations about the Bible. Where did it come from? Is it reliable?
  • How to pray and what to do if you feel like your prayers bounce off the ceiling.
  • Answers to some of your toughest “God” questions.
  • A Bible study for personal or small group use (so you can seek the answers for yourself!) conveniently located at the end of each chapter.

Bookstores are filled with books written for the seasoned believer or for the gal who knows her Bible inside and out. Although she’ll benefit from reading SEEK, too, SEEK wasn’t written for her. SEEK was written for you. Because every woman deserves to meet God if she wants to.

All she has to do is seek.

Comments about SEEK

I loved Donna’s book! I found it to be so direct and easy to understand, yet filled with love. I loved the family anecdotes; and how easily she related her trials, successes and failures throughout the book. I am so thankful that she decided to share her faith, her love of God and the Bible in this book.


Seek is such an inspiring study guide. Donna has simplified the message for me.


Seek has been such a gift in my life. I have enjoyed this book immensely. This was my first experience with a Bible study; and I can’t wait to continue. Her words are so powerful; and yet, so simple. I am so grateful to be touched by the Holy Spirit.


This will forever change my life for the better.


During my annual review my boss (also my senior pastor) asked “What do you think is your greatest accomplishment over the last year?” I expected the question to be difficult. But that one was easy. My shoulders instantly relaxed as a big grin spread across my face.

“Bringing the book ‘SEEK’ to our women.”

“I agree. Well done.”

“Seek will be back in the Fall of 2013 at Preston Trail! We can’t wait!”

Anne WatsonWomen’s Ministry DirectorPreston Trail Community Church