Seek Meeting God Bible Study – Week 5

Week 5


Hey Sweet Friend!

We are on the home stretch of our six-week SEEK online Summer study.  Can you believe it??

Of all our sessions together, this week’s contains the most important.  If all else fails, PLEASE read chapter ten.  It’s the culmination of what we’ve been learning, reading and studying so far.  I think you’ll find the Bible studies this week particularly helpful (as always the shortened version is included for you below).

The homework is simple:

·        Read chapters Nine and  Ten

·        Do the Bible studies at the end of each chapter, or the shortened version below.

Also, don’t forget about the LIVE Facebook Q & A this Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 5pm PST.  Bring your questions, your kid’s questions, your husband’s questions and your friend’s questions and we’ll try to tackle as many as time allows.  This is your chance to finally ask the questions you’ve always wondered but never got around to finding the answer.  We have set up a private group for this event, so that you can be assured whatever you ask will stay within the community.  All you need to do is request to join the group at, and show up on Wednesday!

I can’t wait to chat with you then!




Chapter 9:  Attitudes Count

Meeting God requires meeting the holy author of life on His terms. We don’t have to clean up to meet Him, but we do have to bow down. In other words, we have to come with a measure of humility.

1. Read Luke 18:9-14 and answer the following questions.

a. What surprises you or impresses you about this story?

b. How does this story encourage you?

c. How does this story convict you?

2. According to the Isaiah 57:15 what kind of attitude is necessary to enter into the presence of God?

3. Look up John 14:23 and note the relationship between our love for God and our obedience to Him.

4. Obeying God’s Word is the true test of love and humility. What are the benefits of obeying God according to Joshua 1:7-8?

5. Even though God’s commands are given with our best interest in mind, we sometimes still find it difficult to obey. Put a check beside any of the reasons listed below that have factored into your obedience or disobedience:

a. I’m scared to do what God wants me to do.

b. I don’t know what God wants me to do.

c. I don’t care what God wants me to do.

d. I think I know what’s best for my life, so why ask God?

e. I’ll do part of what God wants me to do.

f. God’s commands don’t make sense to me.

g. God’s commands seem too hard to keep.

h. Following God’s ways would make my life boring.

6. Which of the above factors has been the most influential in your life up to this point?

7. The Psalmist (King David wrote most of the Psalms) asked God for help in following God’s laws. According to Psalm 119:33-35 what did David pray?

8. Is there an area of your life where you need God’s help to obey? If so, write out a short prayer asking God to enable you to do what He wants you to do.


Chapter 10:  The Really, Really Good News

1. In love, God reaches down to save us because He has a purpose and plan for our lives. What is God’s purpose and plan for you, according to the following verses?

a. John 3:16

b. John 10:10

c. Romans 5:1

2.  If this is God’s purpose and plan, why don’t most people experience this plan? Look up the following verses and note the problem faced by all people.

 Romans 3:10

Romans 3:23

3. According to Romans 6:23 what is the consequence of this problem? How do we get the free gift of eternal life?

4. Read Romans 5:6-10 and answer the following:

a. Who paid the price for our sin?

b. Why?

c. With what result?

5. What does the Bible say about Jesus being the one and only way to God?

a. John 14:6

b. Act 4:12

c. 1Timothy 1:5

6. Look up Ephesians 2:8-9 and answer the following questions:

a. Can a person earn their way into heaven? Why or why not?

b. How is a person saved?

c. If a person offers you a gift, what must you do to receive it?

Entering into a relationship with God is a choice. God wants to meet you; you must also want to meet Him. Jesus died to bridge the gap that separates sinful man from Holy God. When a person accepts the gift of salvation by believing that Jesus died on the cross to pay the price tag for her sins, she becomes connected with God in a brand new way. What God offers is not religion. God offers a relationship with Him through his son, Jesus Christ.

7.  Read the following verses and write down the phrase that indicates a choice, decision or action.

Romans 10:9-10

Romans 10:13

8. God’s offers the free gift of salvation for all who would believe in Him and receive Him as their Savior and their Lord.

Do you believe that Jesus is who he claimed to be, and that he died on the cross for you sins and rose again?

Would you like to receive his gift of salvation and have the assurance of eternal life?

If you answered yes to the above questions, take a moment right now to talk to God. Remember, God isn’t as interested in your words as He is with the attitude of your heart. All you must do is believe and call upon Him to save you. You may want to pray something like this:

Lord Jesus, I need you. I believe that you are the Son of God who died on the cross and rose again to pay the debt of my sin. Please forgive my sins. Come into my life. I want to know you as my God and my Lord. I want to follow you all the days of my life and be your friend.